Name Type Play Learn Interact Assess
1 to 100 Number Chart 2D
Counting to 100 by Tens 2D
Numbers to 100 2D
Writing the Numeral 2D
Place Value 3D
Ordering Numbers 2D
Before and After 2D
Ordinal Numbers 2D
Adding up to 20 2D
Adding up to 20 (Counting On) 2D
Looking for Tens 2D
Rolling Dice 2D
Addition of Larger Numbers 2D
Subtracting up to 10 2D
Subtracting up to 10 (Using Hands) 2D
Difference Between Two Groups 2D
How Many More? 2D
Counting on to Find the Difference 2D
Group Totals 2D
Doubles 2D
Multiplication by Repeated Addition 2D
Introduction to Division 2D
Division by Sharing 2D
One Half 2D
Comparison with a Half 2D
One Quarter 2D
Halves and Quarters 2D
Counting by 5s 2D
Counting by 2s 2D
Number Patterns 2D
Odd and Even Numbers 2D
Patterns with Shapes 2D
The Oval and Other Shapes 2D
Line Symmetry 2D
The Rhombus and Hexagon 2D
Sides and Corners 2D
Recognising 3D Objects 2D
The Cube 2D
Above, Below and Next To 2D
Left and Right 2D
Comparing Whole Numbers 3D
Different Types of Graphs 3D
Expanded Notation 3D
Place Value 3D
Representing Numbers with Expanded Notation 3D
The Attributes of 2D and 3D Shapes 3D
Name Type Play Learn Interact Assess