Name Type Play Learn Interact Assess
1 to 100 Number Chart 2D
Patterns in Number Charts 2D
Numbers up to 999 2D
Writing the Numeral 2D
Place Value 3D
Ordinal Numbers 2D
Ordering Numbers 2D
Rounding Off (Nearest Hundred) 2D
Adding up to 20 2D
Number Line Addition 2D
Single Digit Missing Numbers 2D
Adding 10, 20, 30, ... 2D
Looking for Tens 2D
Adding Three Numbers 2D
Addition Facts 2D
Addition of Larger Numbers 2D
2-Digit Addition (No Carry) 2D
2-Digit Addition (With Carry) 2D
Subtraction up to 20 2D
Number Line Subtraction 2D
Counting on to Find the Difference 2D
Find the Missing Number 2D
Subtracting 10, 20, 30, ... 2D
Subtraction Facts 2D
2-Digit Subtraction (No Trading) 2D
Intro to Trading 2D
2-Digit Subtraction (With Trading) 2D
2-Digit Subtraction (Borrow, Pay-Back) 2D
Multiplication by Repeated Addition 2D
Multiplication using the Number Line 2D
Multiplication Arrays 2D
Groups of 10 2D
Groups of 5 2D
Groups of 2 2D
Division by Sharing 2D
Division by Grouping 2D
Division by Arrays 2D
Division by Repeated Subtraction 2D
Division from Multiplication 2D
One Half 2D
Comparison with a Half 2D
One Quarter 2D
Halves and Quarters 2D
Number Patterns 2D
Patterns with Shapes 2D
Angles 2D
Right-Angles 2D
Horizontal, Vertical and Parallel Lines 2D
The Rhombus 2D
The Trapezium 2D
Line Symmetry 2D
Flips, Slides and Turns 2D
Tesselating Patterns 2D
Describing Position 2D
Top, Front and Side Views 2D
Comparing Whole Numbers 3D
Expanded Notation 3D
Measuring Length 3D
Measuring Mass and Weight 3D
Measuring the Mass and Weight of Matter 3D
Place Value 3D
Telling Time to the Minute 3D
The Attributes of 2D and 3D Shapes 3D
Representing Numbers with Expanded Notation 3D
Name Type Play Learn Interact Assess