Name Type Play Learn Interact Assess
Numbers up to 999 2D
Numbers from 1000 to 9999 2D
Expanded Notation to 9999 2D
Place Value 3D
Rounding Off (Nearest Hundred) 2D
Ordinal Numbers 2D
Using Number Charts 2D
Single Digit Missing Numbers 2D
Looking for Tens 2D
2-Digit Addition (No Carry) 2D
2-Digit Addition (With Carry) 2D
Subtracting 10, 20, 30, ... 2D
2-Digit Subtraction (No Trading) 2D
2-Digit Subtraction (With Trading) 2D
2-Digit Subtraction (Borrow, Pay-Back) 2D
Checking Subtraction using Addition 2D
3-Digit Subtraction (With Trading) 2D
3-Digit Subtraction (Borrow, Pay-Back) 2D
Groups of 3 2D
Groups of 4 2D
Groups of 5 2D
Multiplication of Large Numbers 2D
Division by Sharing 2D
Division by Grouping 2D
Division by 2 2D
Division by 5 2D
Division by 10 2D
Division with Remainders 2D
Connecting Multiplication and Division 2D
Division of Large Numbers 2D
Fractions 2D
Comparison with a Half 2D
Equivalent Fractions 2D
Comparing Fractions 2D
Naming Tenths and Hundredths 2D
Tenths to Decimals 2D
Hundredths to Decimals 2D
Place Value of Decimals 2D
Expanding Decimals 2D
Number Patterns 2D
Patterns with Shapes 2D
Angles 2D
Right-Angles 2D
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 2D
Sides and Corners 2D
Trapezium and Parallelogram 2D
Regular Shapes 2D
Axis of Symmetry 2D
Flips, Slides and Turns 2D
Describing Position 2D
Compass Directions 2D
Grid Coordinates 2D
Nets of Pyramids 2D
2-Way Tables 2D
Representing Multi- Step Problems Involving The Four Operations 3D
Representing Numbers with Expanded Notation 3D
Representing Whole Numbers to 1,000,000,000 3D
Rounding Decimals 3D
Rounding Numbers to Estimate 3D
Rounding Numbers to the Nearest 10, 100 or 1000 3D
Rounding to the Hundred Thousands Place 3D
Telling Time to the Minute 3D
The Attributes of 2D and 3D Shapes 3D
The Volume of Matter 3D
Understanding Division 3D
Understanding Multiplication 3D
Using Strategies to Add and Subtract 3D
Volume 3D
What Is a Fraction 3D
Name Type Play Learn Interact Assess