Name Type Play Learn Interact Assess
How plants make their food 2D
Photosynthesis 3D
Plants: Living and surviving 2D
Soil- an essential matter 2D
Properties of Soils 3D
How Soils Are Formed 3D
The Adaptations of a Cactus 3D
The Adaptations of the Giant Water Lily 3D
Imprtance of Animals 2D
Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors 3D
Food Chains and Food Webs 3D
Healthy Food and Healthy Body 2D
Bones and Muscles 2D
Reason for Seasons 3D
The Changing Weather 3D
Types of Rocks and Weathering -part-2 3D
What Causes Changes in the Weather 3D
The Rock Cycle 3D
The Continuous Movement of Water 3D
3-states of water (Solids,Liquids and Gases) 3D
Three States of Matter 2D
Clean and Green Environment 2D
Natural disasters 2D
Renewable and non-renewable resources 3D
Science Tools 3D
Fossil Fuels 3D
Alternative Energy Resources 3D
Earth and its neighbours 2D
Earths Slow Changes 3D
The Earth, Sun and Moon 3D
An Overview of the Physical Properties of Matter 3D
Changing the States of Matter 3D
Matter and Its Properties 3D
Measuring the Mass and Weight of Matter 3D
Mixtures 3D
What is Matter 3D
Describing Force and Motion 3D
Gravity and Friction 3D
The Effect of Force 3D
What is Gravity 3D
What Is Light 3D
What Is Motion 3D
What is Sound 3D
Sound Energy 3D
Kinetic and Potential Energy 3D
Magnetic Energy 3D
Electricity 3D
Name Type Play Learn Interact Assess